brief update
2002-07-22, 5:17 p.m.

It's been too long. I am sunburned. All of my arms. Even my hands. My back is sunburned too. And I thought I didn't need sunscreen.
2 days till I see klif. everything is a mess because of his car that decided to break. he said he will be there, but i am super worried.
not taking my meds have finally caught up to me at the worse possible time. i have no motivation to pack, or think, or move, or eat, or anything. i want to curl up in bed and cry and forget me and everything. i cant take my mother right now on top of all this stress preparing for Spirit West Coast.
I took twice the dosage for my meds. I plan to do that tommorow too and throughout SWC and pray I will be able to function. I'm still praying I will be able to get the millions of things I need to get done before we leave early Wednesday morning.
my current to do list:
-Shorten overalls and khaki pants as capris
-tweeze eyebrows, clip finger nails. (yes, I will forget to do that if I don't write it down)
-buy portable shaving cream
-Charge cell phone
-Get mattress, tank tops, and sleeping bag from christie's
-get matress pump from Diana's
-Get Vitamin E from Christie (damn burnt legs from epil stop plus)
-Pack tourniquet cd for Klif
-make mix cds
All I have done is make the mix cd's. I still need to get all my things together and pack. I need to sleep, too. I cannot function without sleep. I know because I am trying to do that right now.
Nap time