Did you even know?
2002-09-04, 2:14 p.m.

Did You Even Know? 9/4/02

The girl sits in the back of her class
Resting her head on top of the desk
While she hides the scars upon her arms
She dreams of the next time she can do harm

Wiping tears quickly before classmates can see
She didn�t know school would be so lonely
Trying to still her shaking hands
While wishing she�d be on a distant land

Now she stifles a cry in photo class
Thinking of an unsuspicious way to ask
Just how much developer would it take
To poison herself to never wake

While smuggling the poison out of the class room
She�s thinking what she wants on her tomb
Praying that she could be never found
In the girl�s restroom as the poison goes down

Did you know how much it hurt to live?
Were you aware of what ignoring did?
Now it�s too late to pretend you ever cared
And saying you feel sorry wouldn�t be fair

Her English teacher finds her on the restroom floor
And ran frantically and desperately out the door
Administrators and teachers slowly shake their heads
Now knowing they were pushing her to her death bed

Were your eyes opened to the mistakes you made?
Now are you aware of how she just wanted to fade?
Do you feel bad about the burdens she bared?
No, of course not....You never even cared