2002-10-09, 11:42 a.m.

Okay, whoever you are, give. I don't want to delete my diary. I like the readers I have and that doesn't include people I know.
I was called to the school psychologist today. Someone, someone from my school I'm assuming, is reading this, told my school psychologist, gave her the link, and she read my latest entry. I really am dying to know who you are, but more than anything I'm dying to know how you got the link. This diary will be put on hold, permanently if need be, if whoever you are, you don't need to give names, tells me how you got the link to my journal, who else reads it, how much you read, how you knew it was me ect.
I removed all pictures of me and changed my email to the diaryland one. I know this is public for anyone to read but what are the chances of someone I know (and I don't know a lot of people) stumbling across this.
I forgot to tell the psychologist she can't read this. I will know if she is reading this by the questions she asks me.
I'm not happy about this and I'm not happy about having to show a total stranger my arms to show her I haven't cut recently so she won't tell my parents. I'm not happy with a total stranger asking me my weight. (Which I didn't tell) I don't want to have to filter what I'm saying so someone needs to tell me what gives. I'm already getting help so why are you telling people who don't need to know? Leave me alone. Again though I prefer to know who you are, you don't have to tell me names. Until then, bye guys. you can email me if you want, and I'll still check the guestbook. Oh, and another thing. I know this is no skin off your nose (or anyone else for that matter) if I don't have this available for reading, but it's my outlet. My only outlet and my only preffered outlet. Don't take that away from me. You are claiming to want the best for me (as I am taking by involving people to help me) and what's best for me is to have a way to get this out in a comfortable way. Don't make things worse.