police ...take 100000
2005-05-05, 10:27 p.m.

This morning, I called the police on my mom.
At 8:00 AM, she left our house, blared her car horn down the street, and then when she came home did the same. When she got into our garage, she laid on her horn again. That was at about 8:45. It woke me up both times. I went downstairs and said for her to knock it off. She said sarcastically, "Ooh, were you sleeping in?" I started to reply that she sleeps in much later than me usually, due to school, but than she said "and you don't mind disturbing my sleep with your noise". I don't know what she meant by that, since I go to sleep before her, and get up later than my dad, but i said "Is that why you did it[honked the horn]?" She said "No, I just didn't want those damn gays bothering me about the police. So I was telling them to knock it off." I yelled something about her being crazy, went upstairs, and called 411 for the non-emergency phone number to contact the police.
They gave me the wrong city, and after I explained everything, the lady apologetically said I had the wrong station, and she'd transfer me. But we had been talking for like, 15 min, so that was frustrating. I explained again to the correct city police that my mom was being a disturbanc, how she did that, she's mentally unstable, and I'd like for them to send an officer out. This guy was not as nice as the first lady. I pretty much had to convince him to send someone. He said to me, rudely, "Would you be willing to sign a complaint for a citizens arrest against your OWN mother?". I said "YES." He also went on about how there was no victim because no neighbors called, and I demanded "I'm not a victim?!" He reluctantly agreed to send someone.
The officer who came to my house was a lot nicer. My mom played dumb about it all. Or maybe she is just a retard. He asked about honking the horn, and she admitted and explained to him that she did it because the gays kept bugging her about the police. He asked her where her recieving radio was in the house, and she just repeated, they kept bugging me and nagging me. He asked again where the recieving radio is, if it's in her head? She said no. She hears it real quiet near her so no one else can hear it but her, and probably no one else but her knows they are there.
The officer then asked my mom if she's seeing a psychiatrist, on any medications, and if she wants to hurt herself. My mom said no, and seemed puzzled to the questions. He winked at me and said "Melissa knows where I'm going with these questions, don't you?" I nodded.
He then told her she can't honk her horn because some neighbors complained and I was concerned. She said "Too bad, I don't want to hear it..blah blah blah.." He then said "Well, here's the deal. If you continue to honk your car horn down the street you can be arrested." My mom said again, "well too bad." but then, "i'll just have to find another way to tell them I don't want to be bothered."
The officer then asked for my dad's number, and left shortly after.
Not long after all that, my dad called and asked me about it. He said they called him. I explained what happened, with my defenses up, ready to defend what I did. But he didn't get angry that I called the police, he just said "well, maybe that will give her some boundaries."
i don't want a crazy mother anymore.
i'm losing weight. not eating as much, taking a combo of diet pills, and working out everyday. I also put my scale away because it depresses me.
Things are so crazy here at home. Sometimes I think any day now my dad is going to lose is and blow his brains out. I can tell he is on the edge as well as my brother gives him grief, my mom is a constant trouble, and finacial problems continue to worsen.
I live in a nut house.