2002-12-30, 11:26 p.m.

my sisters visit depressed me. i guess its because indirectly she makes me feel like crap by putting down everything that i am. i know she doesnt mean it. this conversation just made me feel alot better:

DoorDoorDoorDoor: wanna join me for new years tomorrow

(aww how nice)

DoorDoorDoorDoor: you and another girl


Honnnney B: i have plans. im hanging out with my friend Brian and his friend Todd - were going to play Monoply

(the truth)

DoorDoorDoorDoor: i know you're more comfortable when other people are around

(how considerate)

DoorDoorDoorDoor: errr

DoorDoorDoorDoor: i need another girl over here or else nicole cant come over!

(thats going to make me want to come over, fucking ass hole using me)

Honnnney B: o

(what i really wanted to say is FUCK YOU UNIBROW!)

DoorDoorDoorDoor: ill brb. im gonna go shoot myself now

Honnnney B: have fun

hes probably going to go jack off.