2002-03-19, 6:18 p.m.

To whoever signed in my guestbook "you are dumb." and "you are stupid" or whatever immature thing you said, I was trying to convince myself not to even acknowledge you, but, alas I have failed.

Because you cannot even give reasons behind your comments towards me, which very likely could be true, that shows that you are dumb. Thus, you are ignorant.

That is my ranting for today. Now, onto business:

I am so very happy becuse my college friend is coming down for spring break. Infact, she is down, I just cant see her yet. OH I LOVE YOU HEATHER!!

lets see, how do I feel today? Well, I think what sums up things pretty good is that I feel so shitty I dont even want to bring them up and think about them, therefore, i will not write about them. But, to give you an idea of how on the edge ive been all day, I started to cry when I hardly flipped over during a dive during diving practice today.

What a spaz I am.