My Way
2002-05-09, 7:41 p.m.

overeating. bad. it seems i sway from eating nothing to eating everything in sight. *sigh* this is two days in a row. i just want to fill myself with something other then these thoughts of wanting to die.

like it helps.

My Way

I drag a blade across my skin

to stop the pain deep within

down i tug the sleeve of my shirt

so not one person will see my hurt

one more day i cannot breath

stop the pain from underneath

my body trembles to the beat of my heart

while i watch myself fall apart

with a razor and blood i release

hoping it will bring some kind of peace

wipe the tears from my lashes

float in the throbbing of my slashes

hold myself together tight

empty days waiting for night

sleepless dreams staring at the ceiling

I have no other way of dealing