2002-05-13, 3:50 p.m.

Cutting came up 3 times today. 3.

Numero uno: What happened to your arm?

I am a pro liar.

"I fell in a rose bush awhile ago. Those are scars."

I did once fall in a rose bush, and they were scars, well, what she saw im guessing. So I was only half lying.

Numero dos: Overheard conversation when sitting around in PE. "I knew someone who cut herself. Its so disgusting"

"Ya" said her friend agreeing with her.

"i dont understand how someone could do that"

OOH OOH I DO! oh wait, better not say anything.

"Ya, me neither. What fucked up people"

Oh, thanks.

Numero tres: "Melissa, have you read this book?" I see the cover. Cut by Patricia Mccormick

"Yes" I couldnt help smiling. "I have."

Now, I have an urge to cut. I think I will.


I have got a headache every day for the past week and a half. What is going on? Odd.