my night
2002-05-27, 10:16 p.m.

With many many typos and fragmented sentences:

My mom was on my back all day about whatever she possibly could. I know she was just looking for stuff to bug me about

"I need the towels" "I need my phone back" "god your eating a lot today." "Move out of my way" "were you in my bathroom"

She came up to my room, knocked on my door and asked if I had the COOKING OIL in my BEDROOM

Her voice was making me cry today. I'm just on the edge

I asked my dad to take me to the bookstore, he tells my mom to because he is making dinner

She is moving ever so slowly, gathering towels, straightening up. I'm so frustrated I kept screaming at her to go. She told me to sit on my fat ass and wait that blew me up

I went to my dad and said mom isn't going to take me, will you just take me and he said he couldn't blah blah blah

I got really frustrated, did the first thing that came to mind, picked up a soda and walked out of my house and down the street

I'm walking, sobbing, and angry

My mom comes out and screams at me to come back. I can�t stand her voice, I chuck the soda at her, and it hits the wall in front of our house I keep walking. I walk across my block and sit under a tree and think and think and sob and try to think

I was debating leaving and I was planning on it till I remembered P.E.

I sat there awhile more, got tired of cars slowing as they drove by, angry that my dad didn't even come after me because I've ran away for long periods of time so many times I think he'd be worried

Went home, to my mom exercising I still wanted to go to the bookstore

I walked by her, glared, walked to my dad, who volunteered to my red swollen eyes to take me. Ya. That was my night.