running away
2002-06-02, 7:09 p.m.

i'd call you and tell you its time. you'd know exactly how i felt and agreed we had to get out. at our houses, we'd pack. We pack like were not coming home, but we pack only what we love dearly because we know we have to carry it. 1am. Our parents are asleep. We'd meet under the streetlight in the middle of our two neighborhoods. My eyes would be red and swollen and your eyes would be filled with tears. We'd walk in silence, knowing exactly where we were going. eventually, the silence would be broken with someone like "i couldnt take it there anymore" and the other would simply say "i know" because you really did know. you know what its like not being able to take your home anymore. we'd walk up the path to the youth shelter and look at eachother, scared. we'd walk in, take a deep breath, and relax. its okay now. your away, and we'd have eachother.

I wish i had a friend like her here. I wish I knew someone who'd relate and runaway with me. *sigh*