2002-05-29, 10:32 p.m.

depression is terrible.

it is SO under rated. people who think depression is feeling bad for a long period of time have obviously never expierenced a glimpse of it.

you cant get away from it. it haunts you. its fear of the pain you will feel tommorow, and sorrow for the very fact that you have to see tommorow.

depression is hopelessness. depression is seeing no end to the pain. depression is beyond crying. depression is being empty of tears.

when your depressed, your dead. your body walks around, but you are already dead inside.


no, you dont. its different for everyone. and im tired. every bone, every inch, every millimeter of my body hurts. thinking of the next minute hurts. thinking of tommorow is enough to make me want to kill myself.

it is not knowing, how you will make it to tommorow. its choking back tears..constantly.

i know of many, who say that they "cannot take it anymore"

depression is THE definition of not being able to take it anymore.

Think about it. Really think about it. No, dont just glimpse, dont just think of that one time you were sad for awhile, think about every single one of those things. Just one of those things could break an average human being. Depression is the worse feeling anyone could ever feel. Your stuck. You have no energy, no motivation, to do anything.

I am stuck. And I cannot face tommorow.