2002-06-23, 6:03 p.m.

meh. my face is breaking out. perhaps because I am stressed. perhaps bad hormones.

im down to 100. weird. never thought id see that number on the scale and still look the way I do. It's odd because It doesn't hit me that I'm losing weight till I do this habitual thing of weighing myself after my shower in my towel with a towel in my hair too. When I see how much I weigh with the towels and remember that I use to weigh that amount without them, it finally hits me.

But I don't feel any skinner then when I did weigh 110. I'm confused.

I wore a tanktop with a jacket over it to church today. I got so hot after church I took my jacket off and held my jacket close to my to cover my arms and keep me from having to do anything requiring my arms. I had one of them on top of the other. I moved one, and noticed blood on the other. Ack, one of my cuts opened. Someone asked me how I got blood on my arm and I didn't have any idea what to say so I just said "be right back, i have to find someone."

meh. everything is falling apart from under me.

i have to talk to a certain someone about a certain thing but i'm scared to. i don't know why. im just afraid he might not want to hear about it.

i probably should get dressed. im naked from the waist up. just got out of the shower.