Fuck me
2002-07-11, 11:00 p.m.

fucking shit. damnit. i hate me. i hate myself so much. i hate you too. i hate everyone who doesnt care about there weight. i hate everyone who is fucking skinny. i hate everyone who has self control. i espically hate those who dont have to work at being 95 lbs. fuck you. damnit. i hope i have a long painful death. i hope everything goes down hill from here. i wish the worse hell on myself possible. god damnit i dont weigh 103 lbs. FUCKING SHIT. My clothes are on. Its water weight. Its late at night. I still weigh 98 pounds. God damnit. WHY CANT I JUST FUCKING DIE. I AM A MISAKE.

why am i so angry? what the hell is wrong with me. i dont deserve anything. nothing good. ever again. i dont deserve this gum im chewing. i dont deserve one small morsel of food. i dont even deserve rotten moldy food. never again will food touch my lips.