new layout
2002-10-05, 10:08 p.m.

This is a temp layout until I get my other one. My new one will be quite similar to this, I think. This one is quite loverly I think. Thank you Keegan!Now I'm going to mess around with diary rings... Oh ya, I wanted to add something about tonight to this entry. Unwillingly tonight I went to the fall fair held at a local church with a bunch of people. I amused myself most of the night with a couple candy necklaces and shooting the candy at stupid sluts in short skirts and little tube tops despite the cold night air. it was amusing to hit the girls in the ass and then they'd feel their own ass while looking around to see what that was. i was okay with food tonight, only picking at my friends cotten candy and spitting out what parts of the candy necklace i didnt shoot. I got bored walking around and waiting for my friends with rides (I'm not to keen on rides) so i said I was going to take off. Before i left, though, they wanted to go through one of those stupid fun houses with the maze mirrors then those mirrors that make your image look weird, then one of those twisty slides. So we go through the mirror maze bumping into eachother and adam smacked right into one of the mirrors....then hed upstairs to the fun house mirrors. The first i looked legs were way short and fat and my top was fat and tall. The second I was short and fat. The third my legs were long and my top was short. But the last...I was so thin. A stick. And I just stared. I just thought 'this is what i want to look like' I just looked down and saw my huge thighs and fat self and sighed. 97 pounds and still a cow. Now I'm binging. My second binge of the day. I've been a miraculous 97 pounds these past few days so I'm hoping for 97 or even 96 tommorow. okay. back to diary ring browsing.