self improvement
2002-10-11, 7:36 a.m.

Okay I've decided to start atleast a one month self improvement thing. Though I don't know how long I've been trying to lose weight, we're just going to say it's day one, though it's probably day a billion. I have gross, yellow teeth that I used those crest whitening strips on for a few days (and I already saw results!) but then stopped because it was kind of a pain. But for one month, I will use the strips two times a day as directed. I also have acne. I have medication that I stopped using because I claimed it didn't work....but I don't think I used it consistently enough to see that. And instead of usually putting medication on my face every night, I will put it under (gasp!) my makeup as well.

Oh no, this isn't all. I am going to commit to a group for 2 months that meets every Saturday night geared towards bulimia and anorexia. I don't know why I am doing all of this shit. Trying to look and feel better...but maybe I'll find that afterwards. I also pledge to record all the money I spend (mostly spent on binge food) and start cutting back. I'm spending way too much money on food on a daily basis and I need to start being a normal girl...and buying clothes. The ones I have right now are quite on the baggy side. Though it's the morning, I'll start everything now.
Weight: 96 (Gained a fucking half pound)
Teeth: Day one, strips on.
Money: I plan to buy a diet dr pepper this morning for 75 cents and later I may buy grapes at school. $1.25
Face: Bleh....medication is on. I look like crap.

Maybe I'll find what's worth it all if I put my life back together?