guestbook and psych
2003-02-26, 7:25 p.m.

It made my heart warm and my eyes light up to read all the reactions to my therapist meeting. Fluency, Hippo, anawanna, and Zerodoll, I thank you so very much. It brightens my day even when I'm in the darkest moods to read your comments and encouragments.

Hippo, I never thought of myself of doing "well in therapy" that's a new perspective I have to look at it. Thanks.

Tommorow I see psychiatrist. My guess is since my anti-depressants were working at one point, he will up it. He will also probably get mad that I didn't get my blood test done. He will also bug me about bulimia and I will get all embarresed and my heart will pound in my chest. I'll update how that went afterwards.