nothing new
2003-03-30, 3:42 p.m.

nothing new lately. I haven't updated for a bit. I went to a Five Iron Frenzy show last night which was awesome as usual. I saw Heather and Dan which was really nice. I missed them. I'm bingeing and purging daily still. For a second I thought I made a great accomplishment of not bingeing or purging yesterday for the first time in I can't even remember how long but I forgot..I had a rushed binge before the show.

Fuck. This is really getting out of hand and I can't stop. I haven't been really too sad lately which is good but everytime I stop to think I get an overwhelming ache inside and I have to stop thinking. Or go eat. Doesn't take a genius to make a connection that I eat when I get anxious. but I also eat when I'm bored or when I'm hungry and I just binge and purge for the sake of hunger.

I see therapist this week. What to talk about...