I don't care.
2004-03-30, 9:35 p.m.

I've had the same 2 bra's forever. my boobs have been falling out whenever I lean over and there is a big gap when I stand up straight. I decided it's defiently time for a new bra. I went to Target, my store price range of choice, and found the exact brand I had before. Hooray. Reliable and comfortable. I picked out one that looked like my boob size.

Too big.

Try again. It fit. I looked at the size. I dropped 2 cup sizes. I went from a C to an A. Oh well. The more weight loss the better.

I saw Julio today. I didn't cry. That's a first. All I do is cry lately. All I do is think about suicide. I'm so tired of purging. This must be some kind of nightmare. I'm missing so much school. I'm losing so much sleep. My body is falling apart. Cramps here, sharp pains there, bleeding lips here, sore throat.

Wah wah wah. shut up melissa. this is all your fault.