The flu and Thanksgiving
2004-11-22, 12:24 p.m.

I think I'm dying. My "sleeping sickness" is probably the flu. I think It was stupid to push myself and b/p the last few days. It was even stupider to go to class this morning. I went to class, the store to get broth cubes and sugar-free jello, made the jello, and passed out in bed till noon. I know I'm not b/p today, no problemo, no fighting it. Last night I was physically revolted with my purging. I was like "ew, this is really gross. I can't believe all that food." I don't know if it was the flu talking, or what. But I knew last night, no food today.
Today I'm PISSED at my dad. We were suppose to spend thanksgiving here with my crazy mom and her side of the family but my aunt called and said she can't make it with some lame exusce. Then my dad started to feel guilty that my mom wouldn't get her Thanksgiving. Then he also thought that because she didn't get her holiday she would demand to fly with my dad and I to Ohio and say she doesn't want to spend those days alone. He was all stressed about it, saying he was having dreams about it. Oh woe is me, you're stressed about it for a few days, I'm stressed about her for life. Deal. In the end, he bought a ticket for my mom as "back up". But when she started to bitch about not wanting to be alone for a few days he totally caved and didn't even fight her. There is no reason for her to let her go but he just didn't want to do the whole conflict thing. He does anything to avoid conflict: up to buying the ticket and just letting her go. It doesn't matter that both of his daughters don't want to spend our Ohio thanksgiving with her.
Now my dad knows I'm pissed at him so he's being super nice to me. "Do you need any money?" "No. I'm fine." "Oh, we forgot to buy your coffee thermost. We can pick it up tonight." "Oh well." I'm not biting. I don't want him to buy my love, I want to talk. He never seems to get that, though.
My mom can tell I'm mad that she's going to. She asked if I wanted to go to Mervyns to get socks for the trip. I told her I didn't want her to go on the trip at all and she can eat my socks. I'm not so nice to her as I am my dad.
This is going to be a lovely Thanksgiving.