rerun on day three
2004-12-31, 9:42 a.m.

Today is day three. Last time I slipped up on this day, late in the night, so let's think of happy thoughts. You're guy's guestbook entries are incredibly encouraging. I feel like I have my own mini support group, or cheerleading squad.
Yesterday I ate:
Fake Soup (45 cal) (I call it fake soup because it was broth with frozen veggies)
Oh, but I did put an egg white in there.
Lots of sugar free jello (50 cal?)
Two cups of sugar free pudding (60 cal?)
A garden burger with tons of ketchup and lettuce (125?)
A fudge bar thingy (45 cal)
I wasn't very hungry yesterday but I was having major sugar cravings. I went out and bought those sugar free fudge bars and jello and pudding. I tried to find some sugar free candies to suck on but they were still pretty high calories and I knew I'd probably eat the whole bag so I decided not to. Today I'm going to the mall and will have to eat lunch in the food court. This is scary. My only safe options is salad which won't fill me up. Being ravenous after a long day of shopping could trigger me to binge, especially after not having a good one for so long. I think I'll just have to remind myself I can have sugar free cocoa and toast when I get home.
I'd kill for some fettuchini alfredo and chocolate cake.
I might weigh myself today. I did the other day and I was down a pound, but I'm super bloated and backed up. I don't think my body is use to eating this way. The only time I use to crap was when I had huge amounts of food in me (then puked). Okay time to weigh, shower, and get ready for blowing Christmas money. I wonder what size I'll be? I forgot how much I hate shopping. None of the jeans fit. Not even zeros.
More to come...