A potential friend?
2005-01-26, 10:18 a.m.

I had such a good time last night at the ED meeting. I went with this really crazy girl that I went to high school with, and we chatted the drive up. She did most of the talking but I chimed in some of the way. It was nice to be so open about my life.
At the meeting, there were so many familiar faces. It was nice to know some things don't change. As usual, a girl spoke of her expierence, then there was informal sharing afterwards. I didn't really relate to anything said, but it was nice to be out and laugh at some of the funny things said.
Afterwards, Courtney and I went to a cafe with a girl I've always liked from those meetings. Her name is Jen and I've just always liked something about her. The cafe was nothing I've seen around my city. Outside there were arcade games, pool tables, seating, and a bar. Inside was more seating, cool decorations, loud music, and the place to get drinks. It was much cooler then starbucks anytime. Jen was already there and sitting with someone. She introduced us. Courtney starts going up to all these people and saying hi. I have no idea if she already knew them or not. I was suddenly very happy.
After we got our drinks, Courtney started talking to a guy I knew when I was like, 12. He recognized me, oddly enough. I used to do acting with him. He looked very different, very attractive. He told us his life story of become an alcoholic, getting in a car accident and killing someone, hitting rock bottem, and sobering up.
I was eager to sit with Jen and talk. We said our "congrats" and exchanged numbers. Sitting and talking with Jen was so much fun. I think courtney felt a little left out but I was laughing so hard I couldn't care. We talked about books we read, something I've never been able to do with any of my friends. We talked about the possibility of getting my nose pierced and her doing it for me. The funny thing is, I'm scared to death, I just want her to do it.
The most hilarious part of our conversation was the binge foods we'd come up with. 1/2 priced bakery(then to make edible, microwaving it with lots of butter), dollar pastas, our favorite pies, replacing food in the morning. Whatevers on sale. Who cares if it taste like crap, it's coming up in a second! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.
Tonight I'm going to an NA (narcotics annoymous) meeting with Courtney and her. I am not addicted to anything of the sort. I just want to go out with them again. I feel like a girl in love, but I just want her to be my friend so much it hurts.