going to oceanaire
2005-10-27, 9:11 p.m.

I'm going to oceanaire residential tomorrow (www.oceanaireinc.com).
Today my insurance came through at lunch time, and I was told they want me to come tomorrow.
I cried a lot at program. I paced the halls and cried and got mad. I hid in the bathroom behind a wall till Rita came and found me.
Rita then talked to my sister. My sister at first told me she had plans tomorrow and couldn't drive me. I got pretty upset...but after Rita talked to her she agreed. Tonight I'm spending the night at her place and tomorrow she is driving me.
I called Julio on the drive home from day program. I filled him in and he told me how proud he was of me and what a big step this is. I told him it was funny because the one thing on my mind is I can't have one last big binge and purge before I go. Julio laughed and said "ya..your one last fix."
Tonight my dad came over and my sister explained what's going on. My dad's reaction was: "well is there any nutritional advise there. do they tell you to stay away from sugar and white flour?" He said I guess it's a good idea, but I'd rather you follow (some hollistic doctor he likes). I told him it's not all about the food and I know what to eat and how I'm suppose to eat but I don't know how to eat. He seemed really fixated on the food aspect of it though. I tried to explain the program and what they have there but he only seemed to care if I can bring vitamins there.
It went okay, though. He didn't seem to understand which I can't really expect him to. I tried to suggest him to look at the website or to talk to someone from the outpatient program I was at but he was kind of unresponsive. That made me kind of upset.
I guess I'll find out contact info and more about the program when I get there. They have internet access there, too, so I'll try to update.