i hate oceanaire
2005-10-28, 3:47 p.m.

I fucking hate this place.
I hate the computer screen that's broken that i have to keep turning on. I hate the smiley intern therapist who did role playing and read us the ugly duckling. I hate the staff who isn't addressing anything and I hate that I can't make phone calls because I get no service.
There's ants in the doorway. I hate ants.
I want to go back to st joe's so bad. i miss everyone. i started choking up thinking of my psychiatrist...i can't even begin to process thoughts about julio. i miss him.
i want to die. i hate this. so so much.
the food sucks. the bread was burnt and they put bacon on the sandwich. They only gave me like, 8 grapes.
I'd sleep but I'm too unrelaxed. And they'd probably get mad.
I can't go to the bathroom unless I ask. Then they check it before I flush. Fucking bullshit.