the latest
2005-11-02, 5:50 p.m.

Today was kind of hard. I Wasn't in the best of moods all day. I got frustrated with having to sit through all these groups that I felt were irrelevant and I got frustrated with this girl who kept insisting to argue about something stupid. It's annoying when I don't have anywhere to go an just have to listen.
I'm still hiding some of my food. I thought I was going to get caught yesterday because as I was stuffing a piee of bread in a napkin I ooked up to see a staff member looking at me. He never said anything though.
Today at snack I stuffed a bunch of raisins in my pockets and at lunch I stuffed the btread of my sandwich in a napkin and in my pocket. If there's anything bread like at dinner I just might hide food again.
I tried to call my dad today but got my mom so hung up. Last night we went to clay bisque (like color-me-mine) and I started a mug. We go to clay bisque everyweek. Any requests?
We also got a new girl. An older lady who is very anorexic. Tomorrow i'll see my therapist here so I'll let you know how that goes. I haven't started the prozac yet and I'm a little afraid of how that's going to go.
Yesterday was the busiest day I've had here since.
One girl was threatening to leave and getting real upset so that amplified the intsensity of the day.
In the morning we had a "feelings check in" group, in the afternoon we saw one of the RN for "Health ED" and the rest of the day was kick back till the evening. I saw the RD briefly so she could find another protein source since I don't like chicken and am not big on most red meats. Later I met with the guy who is going to be my therapist here and the psychiatrist.
My therapist here is Dr. Kim. He works at UCLA as well. He seems really on top of things and has good ideas for me. He's also a cognitive behavioral therapist which I like.
Then I saw the psychiatrist. We went over all my med history and family history. She is re-prescribing prozac.
More later.