So much fucking food and money
2005-12-15, 2:14 p.m.

So I wanted to buy some new foundation. I decided to go to walgreens. But first, since I just binged and purged and was very thirsty, I went to the gas station. I got a sugar free energy drink and a diet snapple and some chips. From there, I went to walgreens.
I couldn't justify spending 10 dollars on foundation, so I wandered the store to kill time. I ran into the food aisle (ok, i went there) and decided to get some stove top because stuffing sounded really good. From there, I decided to go get frozen yogurt and go home.
However, when making a U-Turn I decided i'll go into the Albertsons shopping area to wander the stores. I walked into every food store and checked their prices. Then I went to Mother's Health Food Market and wandered. I almost got some cream blush that I've been wanting, but then decided to get white chedder mac n cheese instead. Then on the way out of the shopping center I went through burger king and mozarella sticks and a cheeseburger.
I tried to remember where I could get cheap makeup and decided on rite aid and big lots. I went to big lots first and found no decent makeup. So I bought some corn bread mix and pretzel sticks with cheese AND a zero bar. In Rite Aid, I managed to walk out not buying food.
I wanted milk but didn't want to buy it so I went to the further Chevron station with my dad's chevron card. From there I got Ritz crackers, ritz chips, apple-o's, a carton of milk, a pack of cigarretes, and a huge sandwich. I swiped my dad's car to pay for the 16 dollar bill.
Then I finally got frozen yogurt. Next door is a chinese food place. I inquired how much their fried rice was and got a small fried rice for 1.28.
When I finally got home, I had so many fucking bags. I screamed as I pulled up to my curb "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME" I tried to calculate how much I just spent but gave up figuring it out after 30 dollars.
I lugged my bags through the garage and prayed my mom wasn't in the kitchen so I could put this food away. She wasn't home and inside I cheered. I put all the non-refridge items in my room and the fast food in the fridge in the back.
Now I'm cooking the mac n cheese, stuffing, and bread. I took two diet pills this morning so I don't feel like bingeing at the moment, but I just want it ready for later.
I seriously want to die. I can't go into a store without buying food. Food takes priority over my money and it doesn't matter how much I spend but with makeup or anything I feel bad spending a single cent. This is seriously fucked up. I feel addicted to food, shopping, and bingeing.