raw throat
2006-04-15, 11:52 p.m.

My throat is raw from screaming. Although my mom and I don't fight as much as I use to, it still hurts just as bad everytime we do.
I just get so frustrated and so mad. I want to her to know how much I hate her and how much she's hurt me. I hate that she gets the best out of me and can get a reaction out of me.
Rita is right. I am just like my dad. I am sticking my head in the sand and making exusces.
I e-mailed Julio and he hasn't replied. Now I feel bad and hurt that I bothered him or he doesn't care to reply. Part of me thinks maybe he doesn't want to me to depend on him, and would find it more appropriate to make this decision on my own. But i really need some direction right now.
Tomorrow I'm going to need to decide some things for Monday. I plan to go to starbucks and journaling away until the anxiety is gone.
I wish tomorrow was Monday. This weekend is already too long.