ripped off
2006-06-24, 5:29 p.m.

mother fucker.
i broke up some cold medicine to try to snort it. i did and i got nothing from it.
i contacted the dealer and he was going to get me some shit. he gave me all this problems because i didn't have the money when he wanted it and didn't want to get together when i would have it. finally i straightened it out and we met up at some park. i gave him his money and then he told me had to go to the dealer's house for a second. moments later a cop pulls into the parking lot and kind of sits behind my car. i am freaking out because the guy gave me a pipe and now i have evidance on me. then cop gets out of her car and walks up to my car and i'm sweating bullets. she asked if i am okay because i looked kind of sad and was parked crooked. i tried to act casual and said yes and thanks for asking blah blah. finally she just parked and sat there. i didnt' know what the fuck to do so i just started to head home. i didn't have the guy's number because he doesn't have a fucking number and so i didn't know how the fuck to tell him what happened.
now i am home, methless, and 50 bucks out. if he fucking ripped me off i am going to be so ticked.