fucking drug dealers
2006-06-24, 9:32 p.m.

well, 3 hours and a quarter tank of gas later i got the stuff.
after i came home he messaged me saying where he was but that'd he only be there for 10 more minutes which pissed me off because he had MY money so he had an obligation to give me my shit. I drove the cross streets he gave me but couldn't find him anywhere. Then he told me he went home which was another 20 minutes out of my way. I drove all the way down there, with my feet aching and being tired/hungry/irritated and when i turned down his street to inquire more directions he wouldn't pick up. I pulled over and just start sobbing in frustration. I had my phone on loud speaker and it kept ringing for ages. Finally, he picked up, apologizing. He gave me the rest of the directions and I parked and called him. He said he'd be right out. 5 minutes go by. 10 minutes go by. I call him, frustrated beyond belief and so fucking tired. His boyfriend picks up and tells me he just went outside. I walk around for another 5 minutes looking for him and call his boyfriend again. Finally we connect and I get the shit.
i swear i'm never going through this guy again. if my ritalin comes on wednesday i'll never need to deal with anyone again but i'm just praying that will happen.
when i was driving home, i was so wound up I wasn't even hungry. But I think it was that point where you're so hungry you're sick. When I got home I binged and puked. now i'm just exhausted. i'm ready for bed.