ADD test and ritalin high
2006-06-29, 4:11 p.m.

Julio told me if I take the ADD test while I'm on shit, that defeats the purpose and he won't fuck around with me with that. So, despite ritalin arriving at my door step when I got home from his office, I waited till after the test.
I've never been to Julio's on a Thursday but the waiting room was like I've never seen it. Drug reps were coming in and out, psychiatrists were working, and children were running around and screaming. Pat (the one doing the test/Julio's wife/office manager) told me she'd be right with me but we didn't start till about 11:25. I sat in the waiting room for awhile until one of the office staff, a lovely girl who shares my name and always takes great care of me, walked me over to the testing room. melissa, the office staff, always has my appt cards as soon as i'm done with julio and gave me a valentine on v-day. when she calls and reminds me of an appt, she always greets me as "hi other melissa! it's the other melissa." she always compliments me on what i'm wearing and greets me when i come there. I always thought under different circumstances we could be friends but as we were walking to the testing office, she made a comment about how her daughter talks to snails and now everytime she sees a snail she laughs. Daughter? 2 and a half yr old daughter? She looks 21! That was weirdddd. She left me with a magazine in the waiting room and then came back from the other office across the way with a cup of water. she's too awesome to me.
pat came as i was finishing up "Hello!" magazine and we went into the testing room. she started it up and explained what to expect. I then took the most boring test/computer thingy ever. The 15 minutes dragged on as I clicked whenever I heard the number 1 or saw the number 1 flash on the screen. The second half was equally boring - letters of the alphabet flashed on the screen and I was to click for every letter BUT X. I messed up on both tests a few times. I didn't miss clicking..but I would click when X appeared or the number 2 appeared. I usually would yell "shit!" and pat would laugh. she told me one of the tests showed good results and the other not so good..probably because of my excessive clicking. Julio is going to go over the results with me next week when I see him.
I came home, binged, puked, and eyed my ritalin. I took one with water and crushed the other. The pill was small so I worried it would be a shitty amount to snort but after crushing it it was a decent amount. Snort and wait. Nothing. But just knowing it's in my system made me smile.
Now I'm flying. I feel alive and happy and productive and clear thinking and not all lethargic and sluggish.
i tried to order more ritalin pills incase i run out before i want i don't have to play the waiting game but the site is backed up and not taking orders right now. rawrrrr.
Atleast it's not meth, right?