2002-12-27, 10:21 p.m.

NegativeZeroBass: I suppose He got bored one night and said "I want to create an entire functioning universe complete with little people to move around and live inside it!"

Honnnney B: i hate life

Honnnney B: i hate god

NegativeZeroBass: I'm sorry... I was out of place =(

Honnnney B: no sorry

im out of place

NegativeZeroBass: what makes you say that?

Honnnney B: becase im insane

Honnnney B: i cant think straight

NegativeZeroBass: wow... you just saved your parents thousands upon thousands of dollars in therapy bills...

Honnnney B: hah

Honnnney B: im seriously not normal

Honnnney B: who thinks so in depth than i?

Honnnney B: that is depressed over the very meaning of life?

Honnnney B: who gets depressed from looking at anything

NegativeZeroBass: Nitzche?

Honnnney B: who stares at the wall for minutes and then reliazes where she is

Honnnney B: im insane

Honnnney B: im fed up with life

NegativeZeroBass: He ended up saying that God didn't exist

Honnnney B: i can believe that

NegativeZeroBass: of course, he drove himself insane because he couldnt prove his own existence...

Honnnney B: why does there have to be a a way the earth and universe got here?

Honnnney B: its just here

Honnnney B: it doesnt need a creator

NegativeZeroBass: he was a bit messed up

NegativeZeroBass: do you believe that?

Honnnney B: im insane

Honnnney B: i dunno

Honnnney B: im too insane to make desicions

NegativeZeroBass: insane or confused?

Honnnney B: insane

NegativeZeroBass: Mel, I don't think you really know what it means to be insane

Honnnney B: can you be insane and know it?

NegativeZeroBass: I understand how you feel, or at least what you're filling me in on

NegativeZeroBass: but just because you have an argument with yourself doesn't mean you're crazy

Honnnney B: im insane

NegativeZeroBass: I mean, I can understand if you're joking around and say you're insane

Honnnney B: no. im serious. im insane

NegativeZeroBass: but you're not

NegativeZeroBass: exactly. you are serious

NegativeZeroBass: you think you are

NegativeZeroBass: but you're not

NegativeZeroBass: because you know it

Honnnney B: but your not in my head

Honnnney B: my thoughts are crazy

Honnnney B: im insane

NegativeZeroBass: how are they crazy?

Honnnney B: im too insane to explain

NegativeZeroBass: well try

Honnnney B: i dont know how

NegativeZeroBass: what are you thinking right now?

Honnnney B: that i need to wash my clothes

NegativeZeroBass: ok

NegativeZeroBass: and what's so insane about that?

NegativeZeroBass: do you need to do it in blood?

Honnnney B: ...wher my benodryl is so i can goto sleep faster

Honnnney B: not all crazy people's thoughts are crazy

Honnnney B: you just missed my crazy ones

Honnnney B: you cant explain them

NegativeZeroBass: ah

NegativeZeroBass: boy. it sure makes things easy, being insane, doesn't it?

Honnnney B: no.

NegativeZeroBass: all of your problems are instantly explained away

Honnnney B: dont mock me

NegativeZeroBass: I'm not mocking you

Honnnney B: *blank stare*

Honnnney B: if im not insane, doesnt it make me kind of insane if i think im insane?

NegativeZeroBass: nice try

Honnnney B: thats a very confusing statement

Honnnney B: its contridictory

NegativeZeroBass: yep

NegativeZeroBass: Mel, I just think it's easier for you to say that you're insane than it is to really admit that you're confused about things

NegativeZeroBass: it's a great excuse, but it's not true

Honnnney B: blah. fuck it.

NegativeZeroBass: Mel, I'm sorry

Honnnney B: why are you apologzing

Honnnney B: you didnt do anythingt

NegativeZeroBass: I'm afraid you're gonna have to settle for jerk Josh tonight

Honnnney B: im fucking insane, damnit

NegativeZeroBass: and I'm telling you that you're not

am i insane?