2002-01-28, 9:12 p.m.

I had a feeling I should write this dream down. I just woke up from a nap.

Okay, I was at the mall or something, buying a picture. I was driving home, and I remember I couldn't figure out how to drive (I just got my permit) and I thought it would be okay for me to drive because it was a "game" and i could just start over. I was driving pretty crazily all around afraid of seeing a cop because I dont have my liscense, and then I got an accident, spinned out, then flipped over. I remember sitting in my car waiting for the game to "restart" but then reliazing it was real life. I heard an ambulance and stuff, and they were loading me on a stretcher. The whole time I was seeing this dream from a birdseye view. I remember seeing myself being loaded into the ambulance and I was screaming because I was afraid I wouldnt be able to move my legs and I would become paralyzed. Then I freaked because I didnt know what to tell people how it happened. That I couldnt tell people that I thought it was a game because that sounds just insane and they would lock me up forever. And then I was glad that I had that exusce, and it would be nice to be locked up in a mental home. Then I was at my house, bleeding, from the accident, all over, and I suppose I was in a wheel chair because I couldn't walk but it was like I was in the sitting posistion but I was floating. My dad said my mom needed my key to my room and I freaked out because while I was away he was going to give my mom my key and I couldnt do anything about it because I couldn't walk. I remember this whole time I could feel a chunk of blood in my throat that felt like part of my throat that was loose just flapping in my mouth. Then I was at the mall again, explaining thats where I was, and I was driving to another mall to try to find a picture. This women was walking around with me while I was still bleeding, blood was all done my legs, I was wearing shorts and you could see blood all over me, and she was telling me they were alot of nice pictures at the mall and we could go see them. And I told her I have blood in my mouth and I spit the chunk out. Then she told me she works with the police. That was my dream. Odd.