therapist and god
2002-02-05, 6:09 p.m.

something interesting my therapist said today...

Well, let me see if I can try to explain it as well as he did.

He was talking about how some people approach the idea of religons or a god and try to make it black or white. You know, good and bad, heaven and hell, trying to make it simple. *is struggling here* And how people are black and white in the aspect of they search and search for God, and when they dont find one, they conclude there is no God. And then the opposite, someone may search and search for evidence that there is no God, and than they conclude there IS a god. That they try to make it simple, and they never look at the grey. Sometimes, you just have to accept that your searching, and you don't have to believe there is NO god because you cant find one, and you dont have to believe there is a god, just because you cant find prove there is no god.

Just something I thought was kind of interesting, because I never looked it at the other view of concluding there is a god, because of finding no evidence pointing to there not being one. Sometimes, if you think about it, Christians or other religons with gods or a god, simply conclude there is a god because of the unlikeliness they come upon that there is no god.

Ya, thats my ranting.