2002-03-12, 6:44 p.m.

Agh, I feel terrible I haven't updated in an eternity. I will try to be more frequent. Lets see, updates.

I joined the diving team. Tommorow is our first meet. I am really nervous, but I'm the best JVer on our team, so thats kind of encouraging.

I just wrote an email to "never-spoken.diaryland.com" because that theif stole my template that I worked very hard on to get. Well, my rad friend, dataguy.diaryland.com, made it for me, but he worked very hard on it, and on it and I had him change things like 800 times. If you would hate or ever had someone steal your template go to her site and throw rocks at her.

I got dinner from the drive through of Del Taco. I ordered 2 soft chicken tacos and a regular taco.

I got 2 soft tacos and a regular nacho. grr. I don't like nachos. Stupid Del Taco.

With updates about me, I am still doing therapy. Its not doing me any good, and I dont think it ever will. But yet, the weeks I dont have it, like this week, I feel empty and I feel like crying.

I guess I am kind of feeling better lately, though I dont want to admit it. It really isnt getting better, its just simply having no time to think about it as much. but like dashboard confessional says "it doesnt make it any better, that doesnt make it any better."

it does hurt, alot.

my friend Klif sent me a box of candy hearts in the mail today. He is so rad, I love him to death.

is it just me, but does it seem like the world is getting dumber everyday? I think my biggest pet peeve is people. They're rude, inconsiderate, and just think they're so much better then anyone else. I just want to dissolve away.

maybe thats why I make myself throw up. I hope it will make me dissolve away forever. Today I purged to the supertones. "Soul whats wrong? Why are you troubled deep in with me?"

Im really curious to whats wrong with my soul, why I hate my mom so much. I made my dad lie to my mom about my meet tommorow because that stupid asshole told her and she was planning on going. I'd refuse to compete if she was there. He told her it got canceled.

Well, I promise to update more frequently, probably later tonight again actually.