she is i am
2002-10-18, 11:29 p.m.

home for an hour now.

my mother has a pentagram necklace. she thinks she is a witch. she's insane. i got ignored and stood off to the side while my parents showered my dog with love.

i caught my mom snooping in my room while i was making binge food. i told her to get the hell out of my room and she just stood up all straight and startled and walked quickly out. no explanation. god i hate her.

i hear her rummaging through all the trash i put out. she's so fucking paranoid. what the hell does she think i threw away?

i can't stand the noise of the bags rustling that she's digging in. i can't stand her. i can't stand her talking to herself already she moves my scale in my bathroom up against the wall. i have it moved out just a little. with it against the wall you can't stand on it normally. she always pushes it against the wall, no matter how many times i move it. it's my fucking bathroom, she has no reason to be in there. i called her on it once, told her to stop moving it, and she said it was in her way. it's fucking 2 inches away from the wall. she does it to torture me. to make me lose my mind like she has lost hers. she treats me like dirt i wish she was fucking dirt that i could just blow away, toss in the wind, to never be found again.

she is shit.

i am shit.