morning after
2002-10-20, 9:15 a.m.

morning after...meh.

i think now that the initial shock of it all is sort of over, now I'm crying enough to make up for not crying then. And I think my dad is over the being nice part of it all and keeps saying he needs to talk to me angerily. I asked him to get me some tyneol and sleeping pills(which he reluctantly got) and I plan to ask to rent movies and load up on drugs and wish the day away. I don't know what's going to happen with school. I don't want to go but am severly behind.I had a couple of projects due tommorow. "Sorry Mr. Shimpock, my school work is in my car that no one can get to till Monday. Where is it? Oh it was totalled while I sat in the emergency room."

I woke up kind of fuzzy this morning. Not sure if it really happened but my hand and sore body is a constant reminder of how I lived through something that I wish nothing more that I died through.