nothing matters
2002-10-21, 7:04 a.m.

i have a new plan for life.

it's not to plan.

and just wish i die.

and wake up.

and go to school.

and cry.

and go to bed.

and cry.

and that's all.

and to eat when i'm hungry.

or don't eat at all.

it doesn't really matter.

nothing matters at all.

and i'm tired.

and chest hurts. and my legs hurt.

and my sides hurt

and my ribs hurt.

and my hips hurt.

and my heart hurts.

so much.

and i'm broken. and can't cry. and can't go to school.

lock me up.

take me away to a nice hospital.

where i can sleep in a nice clean bed.

because i don't think mine is clean.

and i don't think i'll ever clean it.

because nothing matters anymore.