birthday update
2004-04-23, 7:39 p.m.

Quick update.

All in all, my birthday wasn't too bad.

I didn't go to school so I got to wake up at a decent hour. I didn't know what time my dad and I were going out, so I tried not to sleep in too late. While I was getting dressed, my dad knocks on my door and says "uh, want your card now because I was going to take sandy(my dog) to the park?) I'm like "Well..aren't we going to go out can give it to me then."I felt like he was just waiting around for me so he can leave with my dog. Another inconvienance. For some reason it got me really upset. He left and I just starting sobbing and stuff. I hated the day and wanted to die and didn't want to do it. I hated myself for existing. I went to the store and stocked up on binge for that evening incase I didn't have the opportunity to get it without him seeing later. I waited around for awhile, upset. Finally he was home and I opened the card. Inside was a gift card, good for where ever visa is taken, for a large sum of money.

My mom was being nosey and annoying, and we lied to her and said we were going shopping. Then we went to lunch and the aquarium. It was neat and my dad and I got along. Lunch was all planned. I picked at my salad till my very fattening yummy pasta was brought out. Then I ate my salad very slowly. Then I claimed a stomach ache, ate a few bites of my pasta, spit most of it into my napkin. Then I said "woah im stuffed!" hah. Took the rest home for a binge. Then I got a free chocolate cake slice for my birthday. It was a good size slice, too. Nothing stingey. Whip cream and nuts and frosting and everything. I took a few bites and we took that home too. I felt guilty from the chocolate cake. I had drank a lot of diet coke, so I hit the restroom, and out came the cake, salad, and lots of liquid. Easy. It wasn't just happened.

Next we went to the aquarium. Blah blah blah. I could ramble but i'll just say it was nice. Lots of pretty stuff. Pet some fish. Saw some cool things. I came home to the youth leaders that I use to live with bringing me over 18 roses. That was cool.

Julio sent me an ecard for my birthday:

That was nice of him. Okay. This entry turned out to be not so quick. I need to go purge. And i'm so exausted today.