Alex's Dad Doctor
2004-05-08, 9:08 p.m.

Today I saw my friend's boyfriend's dad: The Doctor. My friend, Diana and I went to lunch then went over to her boyfriend, Alex's house. Her boyfriend is asian and smart with Buddy Holly glasses. I imagined his dad to be proper and asian, neat and clean. On the contrary, his dad was american and was wearing shorts and a bright blue t-shirt with a pocket on the front. He is balding, and his teeth are a little crooked. Diana, me, and Doctor sat in the living room. I was very, very, uncomfortable and scared. Diana relaxed against the couch but I was sitting straight up. I noticed my posistion so I tried to relax and sit back a bit but I probably looked unnatural and felt uncomfortable. Finally, I settled.

Doctor asked me questions about my bulimic history, family, current medications, current therapy, ect. Diana chimed in when I wasn't giving enough information or leaving out complete chunks all together. He asked good questions. Simple, but necessary. Stuff I felt like Julio should of asked me right off the bat but took awhile to get out.

The help he offered wasn't much. He suggested trying to journal posistive stuff about myself to work away from the pattern I've developed, that type of thing. He was very clueless about a lot of things. I can't blame him. But he's going to try to research free/limited funded eating disorder treatment type thing and get back to us. He told me that it seems like I'm not getting the treatment I need right now. He also told me that It seems like I have so much to offer the world, and I have so much promise, and if I can just lick this, I'll go far. He kept talking about how he can see so much in me. It was weird. Nearly made me cry. I don't know if meeting with him was very productive, but he was very nice.

Half-a-lb a day diet is going...still steadily losing. Will update tommorow on weight. My weight was a little less then yesterday, but it was hard to tell what it was. So I'm doing okay, I guess.