2004-08-31, 3:03 p.m.

Yesterday was math. My period, after 8 months, decided to appear. But it's so light I don't really mind. It's just suprising. But I think it's stopped after like, 2 days.

I tried to pep talk myself for my first day of college saying "Get up! School! First day!" In my head. I flicked on my life for it only to flicker and burn out. Uh...bad sign. I expected my math teacher to be mean because of the assigned seating and the overhead with strict directions, but a frizzy headed petite woman. She cracks a joke and I relax.

Today, Tuesday, I nearly get lost for philosphy. I must've jogged around the whole school. Good exercise, I guess. A tall skinny bald guy is teacher. He appears nervous.

This is going to be al ong class. Only 8:25, till an hour left, and i think teacher has run out of things to say. He keeps clearing his throat and I want to offer him a cough drop. Tummy is rumbling. How? I'm so fat.

Oops. Got a phone call. Friend needs a ride. Will update more later.