School. Julio. Nothing exciting.
2004-09-01, 6:53 p.m.

I like school.

I get out of the house and I see people and I get to talk. I hung out with Michael and his twin sister after my classes. We went to Del Taco and they ate and I drank diet coke. We laughed and they threw hot sauce packets at eachother and we cracked jokes about the homeless person behind us and the mom in spandex infront of us. I had fun.

Fun. What a foreign word to me.

Julio's office called today. Trying to change my morning appts to afternoon because of school. Not exactly working out. They said he usually closes his appt book but she "has a feeling he'll make an exception". And they said he'll probably try to see if they can move someone. I'm on the waiting list. I couldn't help smiling when they said things about making an exception for me. I like being a special case. I wonder why he does special favors for me?

I've gained some weight and I feel like a blimp. I don't know how because I hardly eat during the day. Today I had a small bowl of peas, 3 celery sticks, a small coffee with equal, and 2 saltine crackers. I think it's from not purging my binge quick enough. I need to stop being lazy. I also think my metabolism is like, shutting down. Speaking of purging, I'm going to try to force myself to do that right now. No picking my face for an hour and a half first.