Wand Poll
2004-11-09, 2:23 p.m.

Which wand should I get Julio?
3. Shout out an answer in my guestbook(1,2,3). Still haven't heard from Julio. If he doesn't reply soon he may not get his magic wand. Haha. Do you think I should re-send his email? Might if I don't hear from him soon. Took a psych test today. Ditched another class today. Spent 10 dollars on binge food after that. Motions. I don't know why I'm going through them. I bought a book on suicide this morning. Maybe it'll give me answers. Or ideas. I see drug doctor this Thursday. Maybe he can drug my feelings away. Maybe I'm just really depressed. Maybe I'm hopeless. I hate all this bingeing. It's taking a toll. I keep hoping I'll get sick of it, but I don't. I really should do pilates today. I feel like I'm blowing up but I have no energy. I want to sleep my life away. Disapear.