get a grip
2005-05-26, 10:50 a.m.

I need to get a fucking grip. I can't sit around SOMEONE ELSE'S house and eat and puke all day. I feel like a fucking broken record. Unstoppable force. The horrible fact is they have barely any food and I'm scraping together ridiculous things to eat...and clearing out their cupboard/refridgerator at the same time. I'm such shit.
I should be studying right now for my final in 2 hours but I'm finishing off my morning binge. Time to puke, shower, go to school, repeat.
Puke. Rinse. Repeat.
I got a call from the youngest sister, Courtney, asking me to pick her up before i go to my class. If i wasn't bingeing this wouldn't be a problem. She also wants to go swimming afterwards. If I wasn't fat this wouldn't be a problem.
I actually think I'm losing weight from puking everything I consume...even safe foods. Good job, Melissa! Gold star for you.
I'm going to go puke, shower, and call Courtney.
I need to clean the fucking kitchen.