shitty day
2006-02-03, 7:14 p.m.

This week has been horrible.
First, there was that family night disaster. Then yesterday Rita told me that my insurance won't cover St. Joseph's anymore and want me to go Del Amo inpatient. After crying my eyes out, Rita thought we could try proposing something to the insurance company that would convince them to cover me. I had to contract to not purging, keeping busy, taking meds, blah blah. If that doesn't work, St. Joseph's is going to offer up that I stay at THEIR inpatient program, which is in the general psych ward. yuck.
after all that shit, i went to my friends and then the movies. It was a pretty good day despite all the insurance shit. Then I came home and got in an huge insane fight with my folks. I was hysterically crying and my dad threatened to call the police because I was "losing it". I haven't talked to my dad since last night. He apologized(I'm sorry. I've had a hard day at work), but i told him to just leave me alone. After he threw me on the ground to get me away from my door to try to break it down, I wasn't ready to take an apology.
Today in program I vented about my fight last night and Rita told me they'll approve 5 more days at St. Joseph's. I need to get 5 days in a row of not purging and using a bunch of coping skills. Really trying not to purge.
I'm bingeing right now.
I'm going to die of this.