2006-05-25, 11:29 p.m.

My brother is home. He has been irritating me all day.
it's scary how alike he is with my mother. if any of us kids go nuts, he'd be the first.
everytime he comes home, he acts like he owns this place. when he goes to bed (and refuses to sleep in his bedroom, so on the downstairs couch) he wants everyone to cater him...turn off the lights, leave the family room, and basically go to bed when he does.
then he does insane things to make sure that happens...including shutting off all electricity. and when he's hot, we all have to freeze because he takes the knobs off the electric fan so we can't turn it off.
i want to slap this kid. he is going to be here for another month. arghh.
my mom came downstairs and tried to turn on the light to find she couldnt. she started to flip out and yell at him and soon my dad came from his bedroom.
at first i was glad that he was telling my brother to cut the crap but then the things he was saying were getting harsh. how he's just as bad as my nut job mom and causes just as much problems. he told my brother to get out of the house if he doesn't want to listen to his words.
my dad does have the point that it's his house and he can do whatever he likes but at the same time it seems as if he should protect and sacrifice things for my brother.
he came back into the family room where i am, after getting yelled at, all red-eyed.
i need to be more sympathetic. we all cope in our own ways and i'm sure i've been just as irritating and irrational. things that are and look irritinal to other people seem reasonable to me. i'm sure it's the same with him.