shit hits fan
2006-09-01, 2:14 a.m.

I don't have a lot of time but wanted to update before I left. I am leaving for Hawaii in an hour. My sister gets married tomorrow. I should be happy, but I'm anxious as hell and dreading the whole thing. A few days ago, the shit hit the fan with Joe. His girlfriend knows about us and he is trying to clear it up but now we have to sneak off to hang out and code our text messaging. Honestly, I was a little pleased when Joe informed me his girlfriend found a card I gave him but I don't want to not be able to see him anymore because of it.
I don't know. I*'ve been up for 3 nights and plan to smoke some more to sustain me as long as possible while i'm gone.I know things with my mom will be awful and there is no way to avoid it. I just can't let her get to me. Turn dead my dad.
ugh. i hate life right now.