2006-10-31, 7:41 a.m.

How long have I been using speed every day? I am becoming so adjusted that I sleep and eat on it now. I usually crash around 3 or 4 AM for a few hours and wake up totally wired and high again...but that doesn't stop me from smoking more. Especially the days i have class or Julio, I smoke it up before I go to make sure I last.
Dan has been out of my house for over a week now. It's lonely sitting in my room by myself but I was lonely when he was here, too. I met this guy through Dan named Brian. I was amazed by his intelligence and strong beliefs so I persued something... it's taken a horrible turn that i don't want to get into.
yesterday in class i was so happy over the lamest thing: i made a friend. A kid in my class hurt his knee biking to school and I offered to give him a ride. We got lunch then chilled at his place. We hit it off great and have a lot of common interests and i was just so fucking happy over a new friend.
Speed gives you loads of energy and motivation but you're constantly spinning your wheels. Because what do you do after you smoke speed? Smoke more speed. You prodge on things but nothing ever gets done or you're planning on doing something like showering and 2 hours passes when you realize you still haven't got in the shower. That's why this entry has no substance...I am not doing anything despite the fact that i'm never sitting down. My room is clean but that's all I really have to show for this addiction.
Brian is upstairs, naked, and in my bed. I'm going to go check up on him..